Core HTML5 Canvas

by David Geary


This is the companion blog for Core HTML5 Canvas, written by David Geary and published by Prentice-Hall in May 2012. Thanks for stopping by.

I had a great time writing Core HTML5 Canvas and I plan to continue having a great time as I update the book through subsequent editions to stay as uptodate as possible with the latest HTML5 specification changes.

As I write additional material for subsequent editions of the book, I will make the material publicly available for anyone to review. I will use this blog to announce the availability of that material. I will also blog about other topics related to the book.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the book.



  1. Yours is a great book! And I have read a few of the top recommended ones recently…
    I specially loved the nicely written code samples.
    I have two questions.
    First: I tried to embed example 11-5 in DashCode, so that I can make it into an iBook, using iBookAuthor. I did and it works. Unfortunately, it does NOT adjust the canvas size when I change the orientation of my iPad. Is there any special trick to be done in this case.
    Second: I’d like to contact you privately about getting permission to use your code in a pedagogic project. But I ‘d prefer not to write the details in public. If possible, please contact me through email.
    Again, a great book.

    • davidgearyblog

      Thanks Francisco, I’m glad you found the book useful. In the Mobile chapter I discuss how to use JavaScript to adjust canvas size when screen orientation changes on mobile devices. That may help you out.

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