Core HTML5 Canvas

by David Geary

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The Making of Core HTML5 Canvas

Synopsis: An explanation of the process I used to write Core HTML5 Canvas. In his excellent book brain rules, John Medina recounts the story of Dimitri Mendeleyev, who discovered the periodic table of elements in a dream. Medina also tells of an experiment in which rats who run through a maze in the daytime replay …

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Not Just Games

When I started learning Canvas, I spent a lot of time on animations and games, primarily because it was the first thing that came to mind and because it’s fun. One of the first examples I wrote was similar to example-1.8 from Core HTML5 Canvas: Example 1-8 (click on the image to run the example) …

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NDC, 2012: My Choice for Top 3 Sessions

NDC, Oslo 2012: My 3 Favorite Sessions This was my first time speaking at NDC, and it was a great conference. Lots of great speakers and sessions, and the food was top-notch. Along with Devoxx and StrangeLoop, NDC is now one of my favourite places to speak. Besides speaking, I sat through as many sessions …

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Lightbox screen effect with JavaScript, CSS3 transitions, and Gimp

From left to right: Before and after clicking Featured Examples The screenshot on the right illustrates a lightbox screen effect that’s triggered by clicking on the Featured Examples link at Click on the image or go to the website to see the full effect. In Gimp, I selected one of the various colors in …

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This is the companion blog for Core HTML5 Canvas, written by David Geary and published by Prentice-Hall in May 2012. Thanks for stopping by. I had a great time writing Core HTML5 Canvas and I plan to continue having a great time as I update the book through subsequent editions to stay as uptodate as …

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